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The Rio Grande Southern is probably most famous for having the most impressive array of bridges on any railway. Starting in Ridgway Colorado and winding its way through the Rocky mountains to Durango Colorado, the RGS was only 162 miles long but crossed an impressive 140 bridges*, some were lowly trestles barely long enough to be called bridges while others were hundreds of feet long or built clinging to the precipitous face of a mountain.
Some of the most impressive were built on the face of Yellow mountain, just outside Ophir CO. this famous section of

Click to view photos of the finished bridge

the RGS began just beyond bridge 45B and ended just past bridge 46F, often called the high line this section of the RGS was by far the most impressive for its engineering feats.

Just before entering the high line was bridge 45B, a short 112' long by 24' high curved trestle that featured a walkway. Our version of this trestle is exact down to the last detail and even features a cast concrete (hydrocal) footer for the center bent.
Since bridge 45B was a curved prototype we have left it as is, the curve measures 42" in radius in O scale, 31 1/2" radius in S scale, 23" radius in HO scale, this can be increased or decreased by the modeler as required but the standard kit plan is only available in a fixed radius of 168'.

* depending on your definition of bridge.

Click on the drawing or HERE to view photos of the finished bridge

Kit includes:
Kappler scale lumber
Grantline Castings
Hydrocal Casting
Detailed plans and instruction booklet

You can order your kit online from the Kappler Shopping Cart, or use the
order form to place an order by mail or FAX.

  HO-scale S-scale O-scale
Pre Cut Kit Item #   Item #   Item #  
RGS 45B PC1545 $49.95 PC2545 $TBA PC3545 $79.95
Craftsman Kit
RGS 45B BC1545 $44.95 BC2545 $49.95 BC3545 $69.95

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